Money surges stock markets: Savings accounts can produce higher returns

FOR years’ financial consultants have declared purchasing stocks and shares is more rewarding than money, now questionable new research study recommends the reverse may be true. It recommends that best-buy money savings accounts have produced a greater return than a FTSE 100 tracker over a bulk of investment durations since 1995.

This recommends savers do not have to gamble on unpredictable stock markets and could play safe with their savings. The shock findings come from Paul Lewis, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Money Box, who has challenged the traditional view that putting money in a cost savings account is the bad relation to purchasing shares on

Avoid animal cat-astrophe: Five-minute overview of making effective veterinarian costs insurance claims

DOG and feline owners who have taken out pet insurance to cover costly vet expenses might get bitten when they try to claim on their policy.

New research study shows that pet insurance companies decline one in three claims, far higher than for other forms of insurance. With the typical animal insurance premium costing 241 a year, it is a dog s life if your claim for vet costs is refused, as you may need to pay all the treatment costs yourself.

15 Personal Finance Calculators Everyone Ought to Use

Personal finance is eventually all about the numbers, and you are better off equipped with estimations than deciding based on intuition, alone. Online calculators can be excellent tools to examine your options and experiment with "what-if" situations to assist consider your financial relocations. Even if you are rusty at mathematics, personal finance calculators make it easy to key in a couple of basic numbers and get quantitative answers to your personal finance questions.

Great deals of terrific calculators are offered free of charge. Here are a few of my favorites.